With OCSC’s sustainability “hub” function for the region, we provide the means by which the “spokes” of business, education, government, nonprofit organizations, and communities collaborate to create a unique Greener Orange lifestyle.

We are currently partnered with Claremont McKenna College’s Roberts Environmental Center (REC)  for our latest research initiative. It is focused on investigating the obstacles that prevent companies from engaging in environmental initiatives. Instead of focusing on leading sustainable companies throughout the county, the project has a comprehensive scope that will embody companies that exhibit a range of sustainability initiatives. The team of research analysts includes Sierra Gibson, Henrietta Toivanen, Chad Redman, Su Min Ha, Hilary Haskell, and Jesse Pence.  Through surveys, internet research, and interviews, we hope to gather information to protect the environment by consulting with companies to help them overcome these obstacles.  The REC analysts will publish a report this year on their findings and strategies for addressing issues companies face in implementing sustainable business practices.

While you are waiting for that report to be published, please navigate our other resources to see how each of the spokes of Orange County is becoming more green, what professionals have to say as well as information on current sustainability practices.