When it comes to business, sustainability is an area that is of growing interest.  Businesses are most able to quickly adapt to different circumstances and employ various strategies to achieve positive results.  Sometimes it merely takes the thoughtful leadership of an executive to shift a company’s direction from a pure profit motive to the triple-bottom-line.

Businesses also have the advantage of developing customized approaches to sustainability in line with their existing strategic development goals thus creating a seamless internal culture and integrated best management practices.  Given these advantages, it is often businesses that lead the change needed to achieve sustainability. They are able to take the thought leadership of academia and test-and-perfect those hypothesis through the implementation of real-world initiatives.

Businesses also have the opportunity to proactively collaborate with academia, local government, and nonprofits to develop partnerships that address greater community needs than working independently.  The OCSC can provide the strategic networking opportunities by identifying the best cross-sector and inter-sector partners to create the greatest positive impact and results on the region.  The OCSC can also leverage the best management practices from the business community to support the evolution of programs and projects for the benefit of the remaining sectors.