Foundational Partnerships

The OCSC Hub & Spoke Model of Collaboration

Rising to the Challenge:

Orange County’s leadership recognizes that all sectors in the county; industry, education, government, regulators, community, non-governmental organizations, the military, political leaders and the public must work together to promote the concepts of sustainability to maintain and improve the quality of life in Orange County.  Deeper and more effective progress will occur through collaboration and partnering than without.  Towards that end, Orange County’s leadership announces the formation of the Orange County Sustainability Collaborative where all constituencies in Orange County come together to address the county’s need to become more sustainable, ensuring all our actions contribute to a higher quality of life and a more sustainable region for all who work, live, visit, and play here.

Working Together with All Sectors & Organizations

Collaboration is our chief means to achieve our goals.  We did not form to take the place or displace other existing environmental and sustainability organizations.  Rather, we provide the place where individuals and organizations come together to leverage resources to achieve outcomes no organization can achieve on its own.  Consider us a “Force- Multiplier”!