About Us

A Message From our Chairman:
In the late 2000’s, a small group of professional, academic and political leaders met to discuss a new forum for driving change for a more sustainable Orange County.   Since then, the all-volunteer Orange County Sustainability (OCSC) has registered as a not-for-profit California corporation and been granted 501-c-3 tax-exemption status by the Internal Revenue Service.

The specific purpose of OCSC is to improve the quality of life of the public through awareness, education, outreach and community involvement in promoting the principles of sustainability, smart growth, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Since incorporating we have reached out to local universities, businesses, government, nonprofit and other community organizations to work together for a Greener Orange. Our initial activities included:

Educational Programs Developed and Presented in Collaboration with OC Local Agencies, Colleges and Non-Profits
The half-day mini-conference OCSC Leadership Dialogue Series has provided sustainability professionals, local government leaders, educators, students and NGO representatives with essential “change-agency” instruction on:

  • Climate Change 2.0
  • Sustainability’s Business Proposition: Making Money by Doing Good
  • Closing the Loops on Lifecycles: Commercial- and Community-Scale Waste Management and Materials Recovery and
  • Principles and Practices of Sustainable Organization Transparency

Student Internship Program
Working under the supervision of OCSC board members, students from such schools as Bryn Mawr, University of Rhode Island, Sonoma State University and Irvine Valley College have produced case studies, news reports and situation analyses on a wide range of sustainability topics important to Orange County. This work is distributed via OCSC’s website and social media.

University Research Project Support
This year OCSC is supporting a team of undergraduate researchers from Claremont-McKenna College in their work to define the current level of corporate sustainability program development in Orange County and its environs, as well as the obstacles to further development. OCSC will assist the team in announcing and distributing the research findings later in 2014.
Now in 2014 the tough organization creation work is done and OCSC has defined itself as a leading provider of practical “how-to-do-it” sustainability information. So, now it’s time to kick OCSC’s programs in to high gear.

Our exciting upcoming activities and events are on the drawing board. Now is your ground-floor chance to make a difference by bringing together local sustainability-minded companies, universities, public agencies, non-profits and other community groups.

All of us on OCSC’s board of directors are looking forward to meeting and working with you to create a Greener Orange.

William Borges, MBA
Board Chair