The Orange County Sustainability Collaborative (OCSC) promotes regional sustainability and improvements to the quality of life in Orange County, CA.

  • Our Mission is to take concerted and practical action to improve the quality of life through awareness, education, outreach and community involvement.

  • Our Vision is to be the place where O.C. leaders, organizations and individuals from all walks of life come together to promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

With OCSC’s sustainability “hub” function for the region, we provide the means by which the “spokes” of business, education, government, nonprofit organizations, and communities collaborate to create a unique Greener Orange lifestyle.

The OCSC promotes a Greener Orange through many different programs like the quarterly dialogue series on sustainability topics important to Orange County’s leaders, an active internship program for college students, and a sustainability stakeholder mapping and database project. It hopes to implement many other programs like an instructional series on on sustainable principles and practices and publication of educational primers, development of cooperative sustainability projects with municipal governments, and the creation of an online sustainability best-practices library.

With a growing number of staff, interns, and members, the OCSC is looking forward to creating committees and more programs to better reach out to Orange County. We invite you to become part of the community spoke and help us in our effort create a Greener Orange.  So, please, read our resource materials, join the conversations, and get involved by attending events and participating in the planning and delivery of our programs.  Let’s bring Orange County together to provide a culturally richer, greener lifestyle for all who live, work, learn, and play here.